Best Shower Sponge & Natural Exfoliating Loofah for Your Skin in 2020

Having a glowing skin is the dream of everybody. Shower time is the perfect opportunity for your skin to be exfoliated. Remember, it shouldn't take much effort to have a good shower. Besides that, the best shower sponge balances your composure and the radiance of your skin.

There are several such sponges. The best that is likely to match one's needs are those that quickly lather. Often, a good sponge will favorably retain soap and keep the right size you like. If you're prone to choosing the right loafer that's meant to clean you up. And this article going to showcase you the best of the best of the recent past.

It's the latter if you're like me. In my opinion, the hidden spongy pouf ball is far better than normal washcloths. That's precisely the purpose behind loofahs to exfoliate and remove dead cells from your skin. But I want calming and easy not scratchy and complex when it comes to an end-of-day shower.

The most widely accepted and frequently used washcloths were in the U.S at least in the early 1970s, (natural) chest sponges were popular, and synthetic (plastic) body sponges were more recently followed by the fad parade. The first use of a plastic body sponge is just a yard-sign in someone's yard.

The sponge provides the correct extent of dead-skin scraping and retention of soapy water for the three. The plastic body sponge is easier to remove, but not particularly better for abrasion of dead skin or soapy water keeping. Of the three, the ground is the least abrasive and better in moisture, if it can lead to the development of bacteria.

Best Shower Sponge Comparison Table

Now let's down and discuss the products. Here is the list of 10 best shower sponge of 2020

Bath Shower Sponge Loofahs (60g/pcs)
bath sponge
  • Soft bath sponges
  • Perfect size
  • High quality loofah
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful colors
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Loofah Bath Sponge Swirl Set XL 75g
shower bouquet loofah
  • Extra large sponge
  • Superior size & quality
  • Various colors sponge
  • With gift set
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Top 10 Best Shower sponge for Your Body

Eco-Friendly Loofah/Mesh and Shower Sponge (6-pack)

best shower sponge

You don't have to worry about disappointment because I know you'll enjoy them. When used as a skin scrub, the perfect texture, smooth and gentle, has sufficient exfoliating energy. Easily lathering the sponge with a shower gel. Did I mention the suppliers are environmentally friendly?

Such sponges are made of recycled material. Sometimes, they're strong. Also, a hanging loop is given to ensure that you safely position them to dry. It is recommended that you hang them after use to dry them and remove them at the end of each month.

The scale is also perfect, 5 inches providing a suitable medium keeping for scrubbing and shower routines. The pack includes six loofahs and is considered great for both travel and camping.

  • The best option for Bath and Shower for all
  • High-quality Lather and Texture
  • Very much Eco-friendly
  • check
    Ideal size to hold it’s about 5” inch
  • For some skins, the nylon material may seem rugged
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Bath Shower Sponge Loofahs (60g/pcs) Mesh Pouf Shower Ball

bath sponge

Such sponges will fit perfectly into your hands.60 g and 5.9 inches in diameter, the sponges will be made of recycled material. Does it sound environmentally friendly? Okay, this sponge bath shower loofahs lather with any duck spray. We help purify the pores of the skin and exfoliate the skin gently.

The loofahs leave radiance on your skin as well as a relaxed body. Colors from the loofah come in handy. Black, grey, light brown or green. There's also an assorted pack featuring all four colors. We also have a hanging loop that we dry quickly and create a bit of a chance for bacterial growth.

Because of its shape and size, most users may end up believing the sponges would dissolve prematurely. There is a 100 percent assurance that you will dispose of them unraveled away and this will be mainly due to the length of the hygiene.

  • Luxurious Lather. It will gently Exfoliate Skin & Cleanses Skin Pores
  • Long hanging string is easy to use and install
  • 5.9” width size will perfectly fit in your hand
  • Nice combination of colors
  • It’s not durable like others
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Bath Loofahs Sponge Shower Mesh Pouf Bath Sponge

natural bath sponge

A pouf is a PE insipidity pouf made of the environmentally friendliest manufacturing material. You can use it afterward because naturally carbonated bamboo from renewable sources is used in processing.

It cleanses dirt and removes excess oil from your skin very easily by producing a rich lather from a small amount of soap or shower gel.

Such 4.7-inch loofahs exfoliate luxuriously and retain the equilibrium of the skin ph. It comes with a three-pack of 50 g black shower.

  • Providing 3 loofahs in 1 package
  • Suitable for all people of all ages
  • Very lightweight and compact sized
  • check
    Eco-friendly and highly corrosion resistant
  • check
    Providing quality guarantee for 60 days
  • You can’t expand it as much as you want
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Vive Loofah Sponge Back Scrubber

long back loofah

This Vive scrubber is adorned with a 17-inch bar. It helps you to wash your body during a bath conveniently. The handle also has an antibacterial coating so that bacteria and fungi do not spread. This quality is useful to extend the brush's life.

There is also a meshed loofah at the end of the handle, that can remove dead cells and remove dirt efficiently.

Finished with a smooth, antibacterial coating and engineered for widespread use without cracking or fracturing. Vive loofah brush is made. For safe storage, a comfortable loop is attached. This package also has a firm hand-held mesh loofah to exfoliate the skin gently.

  • Very much effective for sensitive skin
  • Firm and sturdy
  • Included an extended handle
  • check
    The lotus wood handle is extremely durable and is coated with a clear water-resistant coating and does not break or crack for good longevity
  • check
    60 days’ guarantee
  • It’s not a vegetative real type loofah. Rather it’s an artificial type
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Lulu Essentials Natural Loofah Pads (4 Pack) Large Bath Body Sponge, Shower Scrub

lulu essentials loofah

This magnificent loofah has a unique texture, which suits your feet perfectly. Usually, you can't judge only by appearances by its rigid texture. The loofah will smooth if it is sufficiently wet. If they are muddy, it does not mean that they cannot be used to wash.

Although it might be a little slow. The foot, particularly the base, is pretty rough and can handle some abrasion and needs some abrasion.

Sometimes, you have to worry about buying fresh loofahs, at least no one for your feet. They're also very long term. It can last much longer than usual with the structure that this loofah has. It is solid and very robust at the top of the structure.

They fit well into your hands and you can use them to clean them easily. This is very important because the foot can be hard to find for some, so it makes it a lot easier, at least a little more tolerable if the scrubber fits properly.

  • Easy to grip it
  • Extra comfort
  • Well made
  • check
    Smooths skin well
  • check
    100% money-back guarantee
  • Many find it uncomfortable to handle
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Loofah Bath Sponge Swirl Set XL 75g by Shower Bouquet

shower bouquet loofah

Experience the sponge swirl mesh soft loofah wash. The sponge swirl is very recommended if you enjoy large and heavy loofahs. You should feel soothed and exfoliated throughout the shower.

The 4-pack color swirls are given for the sponge swirl. It'd make a great bumper for a baby shower or a bridal game. The swirls are long-lasting. You'll love the ribbon attached, especially when it comes to cleaning up your mesh and dry it.

A strong mesh is made of every swirl sponge. You make the mesh with your favorite soap to make the perfect lather mounds. The mesh is also the highest quality and it is only because of that that our sponge is ranked as the best sponge.

Where swirls have the best quality, they are slow and not easy to spin. The nice and smooth result on your skin makes a long shower perfect.

  • Made with long-lasting lather
  • Extra dense exfoliation for moist skin
  • Extra use on Bridal or baby shower party
  • High-quality mesh made this product the best in time
  • The style of the ribbons is exceptional
  • Very sturdy. You can’t reshape it
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MainBasics Bath Shower Loofah Sponge Pouf Body Scrubber Exfoliator

shower loofah sponge

This loofah is specially made to make the skin smoother and more radiant. Ladies, I recommend this to you. In reality, it may also love only kids. It's just made extra fragile and no matter who they may be, everyone can enjoy the feeling.

The scale is good for this too. It's not too thin, so you can't lather well or clean up too little to deal with, but it's also not too big. Bigger isn't always better, and here it certainly is because something too big can be difficult to manage.

It's a little bit expensive, but it's still very cheap and most useful because it's one of the longest-lasting loofahs there. It will not wear like the more affordable and you can bet it will last for at least a few months.

Although it's a loofah artificial, it so imitates the feel of a real one that it might be just as well. How well do you ask in what aspect? The cleaning effect. It's so powerful that the organic equivalent is beaten in many respects. Ultimately, the best body loofah or best shower exfoliator can be found.

  • It can cope with anybody's gel or wash to richer the lather quality... 
  • Standard Size of 4.9 inches and weighing only 6g
  • Reliable and much durable
  • check
    Cleaning is clear and excellent
  • Price is slightly higher than the others
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Loofah Back Scrubber for Shower for Men and Women

loofah back scrubber

This Loofah Back scrubber will first of all be tested. Depending on their high-quality content, the scrubber is made premium. It is about 4x 30 centimeters in thickness. It is ideal for cleaning the back, neck, shoulders, and feet. In the meantime, the scrubber is easy to purify itself.

You can note that it can help remove raw skin, acne at the back and eczema very well from scrubbing. It has a good sponge on the front side to exfoliate while the very fluffy cotton is done on the bottom. This makes the entire application very convenient and efficient.

This Voda Reve Scrubber is indeed a Bixore commodity. The consistency of its products has been assured by this company. This is why the majority who have purchased love the scrubber has become so famous.

  • This Loofah can be clean easily if it gets dirty
  • Great use for back, rough skin, neck 
  • The scrubber exfoliation is very soft, while the quality of the cotton is really good
  • Sometimes it is a bit rough for some individuals
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Loofah Bath Sponge 50g Set of 6 Pastel Colors by À La Paix

Loofah Bath Sponge

You're hunting for an ideal present for a reception or a gathering for Valentine's Day or Mother’s Day? Your precious ones would surely rock with the great pack of exfoliating shower sponges.

The sponges are guaranteed 100% satisfaction. What else, if the set of cotton candy textiles were sweet and smooth for the skin? Immediately after each bath, you get silk skin and great relaxation. The stuff stays well and plays well during swimming.

The lovely colors that attract both sexes are easy to fall into love. The sponges may be pink, violet or blue. The sponge may also be white, orange, and blue, or pink and blue. The 50 g sponges are small in size and drip dry more easily, but also pretty to hold while scrubbing.

  • Best for making silky smooth skin
  • The content of fluffiness produced in their loofah sponge is not only lovely but also perfect for bathing or washing
  • Weighing 50gm with medium-sized shaping
  • A set of 6 beautiful colors
  • Some parts may fall apart early
  • Low on abrasion
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Loofah Charcoal Bath Sponge XL 75g Set by Shower Bouquet

natural bath sponge

A combination of bamboo and alcohol is mixed with the loofah. What they do accumulates organic debris and germs. They, therefore, add a further cleaning action on your loofah to make it clean perfectly.

It's so superbly cleaned that it doesn't have to be so abrasive because of its nano-technological design. This isn't. And it isn't. It's one of the softens of it. You're going to feel a very fragile sensation, which is very good.

The color is also fantastic. You should keep the lather on, so much so. A good ladder is necessary for efficient cleaning and that can be done to keep you in a very absorbent loofah.

This loofah is made by the wonderful people at Shower Bouquet.

  • Size and shape are perfect
  • The texture is soft
  • Infused with bamboo charcoal.
  • check
    Highly absorbent material
  • Some may find it a bit small to clean the body
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Best shower sponge buying guide

Facts to Look out for Before Buying
The Best Shower Sponge

There are several factors you need to check out before you buy the best shower loofah.

We found the perfect choice for you with alternative two if you just wanted to spend on something once and for a while. In daily use, the other items are fantastic.

Have they disintegrated after just three showers ahead of their recommended three months? Then don't look anymore for your hard earning money here are the best choices.

Each of these inventions has a dense density heart, which ensures that you buy a robust product that works with the highest consistency from the first to the second. You know that for a short time, this is something with which you will become good friends.

Factors like materials used in it, cleaning ability, Smoothness, size-shape, cost, in how many packs are included in it, colors and design are the most seen factors. Let’s talk about them briefly-

Material or Type

People have different skin types so; one should choose the shower sponge depending on its properties and the pad should suit your skin type. Not only the raw material but the dyes or chemicals used to resist mold or tear should be considered. Natural bath and shower sponges are slightly abrasive,

So with any sensitive skin, they work better. The more abrasive sponges are ideal if anyone needs a stronger exfoliation or people with slight eczema.

Sponges are used on both face and body. But will you use the same sponges to wash the face and body? To know that read the small details below-

  • Facial Sponges: Usually, facial sponges are less abrasive, more flexible and smaller than sponges. It can be made from natural or synthetic materials in various forms, such as rectangular, circular or whatever.
  • Body Sponges: Sponges in the body are often more abrasive when washing properly. There are steam brushes with a long handle to exfoliate the back part of the body. But the rashes on the skin shouldn't be very painful.

Cleaning Ability

The shower sponge should be gentle but must be able to clean your body and generate a large lather effectively. The soil and dead cells from the body's skin should be removed easily. Many areas such as the face or neck are particularly sensitive.

Although some companies claim that their product is ideal for all overuse, it is safer to use sponges specific to your face and other body parts.


The sponge should be so big and shaped that you can keep it securely in your hands. A hand must be able to gain access to the rough parts of the body in the form of the shower sponges. Recall that for every person the same sponge is not ideal since the form of the body varies from individual to person and the skin type.

Drying time

The sponge must be such that it easily dries and maintains hygiene. For a long time, it shouldn't hold water. For this quick-drying purpose, the sponges with serious or porous design are better. Synthetic materials generally dry much more quickly than environmental or natural products.

Various Colors and Designs

You will consider its nature and color in addition to the practical properties of the shower sponges. The size and color of the sponge of the shower will match your tiles to give the bathroom an elegant look! It should be hot while it sits in the toilet handle or on the concrete of the bathroom.


After a while, bacteria may become very hygienic in the sponge. So, replacing that would be a must factor. Otherwise, it can affect your facial or body skin.


The last thing that must be taken into account is the price of your shower sponge, as it must often be replaced. Even if luxurious bathing loofahs are fine and more robust, it must be changed to ensure hygiene. The cost of a shower sponge should, therefore, be kept in mind concerning regular substitutions in keeping with the schedule.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are organic loofah’s essential?
Ans: No that’s can’t be a fact.

2. What are the benefits of abrasive shower sponges?
Ans: It helps you clean. The more the abrasiveness the more in cleanliness.

3. Do I buy different sponges for body wash and facial wash?
Ans: depends on your sponges. There are a lot of sponges in the market which can be useful on both the face and body at the same time.

4. How a sponge last?
Ans: Many sponges last up to 2-3 months and some last a month only.

5. What should I use? Organic or polymeric?
Ans: It’s all up to you and you need.


And it’s time to conclude our interaction. Thank you for reading our article on “Best Shower Sponge”. This may have been a little too long, but I tried to identify items and place them in detail. But these weren’t unnecessary all the words written in here will guide you to choose the perfect one for your cleanliness.

Since the shower is a must activity in one’s life so, Shower with comfort depends on the best sponges. Happy Shower! 

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