Best Shower Valve In 2020 with Expert Buying Guide

Since you clicked on this site, you are either facing some difficulties in controlling your shower water temperature and pressure constant or you are trying to experiment with a different valve of a different brand. The best shower valve article is going to be a relief of your tension then.

First of all, many people don’t know about the shower valve. What a shower valve does? Or its benefit is? Let me clear that first-


Uses of Shower Valve

A shower valve is an option during plumbing that regulates the flow of water, the pressure and even the temperature of your shower.

Since it is a must in nearly every toilet, the variation of such levers has grown as different individuals use different kinds. Nowadays it became a vital plumbing option for every showering toilet.

Top 3 Best Shower Valve-Comparison Table

Delta Faucet R10000 shower valve
delta shower valve
  • Complete flexibility valve
  • Plumbing method system
  • Lifetime warranty
  • check
    Durable materials
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Brass Shower Arm Diverter Valve
best shower arm diverter
  • Excellent quality equipment
  • High temperature resist
  • Easy to Install
  • check
    Perfectly matching diverter
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Top 12 Best Shower Valve Reviews

Here is the list of products that we are going to discuss today. The 12 best shower valve you can buy in 2020.

Delta Faucet R10000-UNBX MultiChoice Universal Tub

delta shower valve

Through buying the Delta Faucet MultiChoice Unlimited, you can experience unbounded possibilities. This helps you to update or alter your shower functionality or design without altering the plumbing inside your bathroom wall. This fits for the tub as well as a shower.

The shower valve is primarily made from brass, making it sturdy, strong, resistant to wear, corrosion and a good thermal engine. The building substance also has antimicrobial qualities that protect you from waterborne bacterial infections. The weight is 4.9 x 5.1 x 4.9 inches and 1.45 pounds.

The compact nature of the Universal MultiChoice tub and shower valve makes it both single and dual thermostatic cartridge acceptable. You have to buy different trimmings, like the corresponding cartridge.

The shower valve installation is quick and Delta Faucet offers a trustworthy support guide. The valve does not allow you to interact in any way with your plumbing. 

A brand-providing thermal-resistant pressure control cap helps you to control air or water before mounting the valve cartridge. The goal is to will the opportunity to improperly mount.

  • Providing dual and single thermostatic cartridge
  • Very sturdy and corrosion-resistant
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • check
    Behind plumbing is not required
  • Trim needs to be bought separately

1. Which mixer would be the best for this?
Ans: Every mixer will work on it without the High-Flow versions.

2. Can hot water be taken with it?
Ans: Yes, there is a rotational limit stopper which will help you to get hot water.

3. Can a Pex be tubbed in it?
Ans: Yes.

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Hansgrohe iBox Universal Leak Preventing Valve

shower mixer valve

Built The iBox Universal + Rough is meant to create a breeze for renovation. If the universal rough has been mounted it is compliant with standard Hansgrohe and AXOR trims and shower products.

It makes removing trimmings and fixtures simple and demo-free for potential updates – the slogan of the iBox rough-in valve is one rough suit all.

Set your dream shower experience to a single-rough system from Hansgrohe. Adjustable Provides several water sources with water. To suit your universal iBox shower rough in the pump, choose the correct thermostatic and pressure balancing double trim shower valve kit and shower diverter when it's needed.

Loudness Rubber screws and trim plates reduce in-wall distortion and energy transmission across finished walls. Energy reduction 3/4-inch valve inlets regular valve contacts.

Compatible with pipes of 1/2 inch and all shower valve type of (plate, PVC, plastics, aluminum, etc.) pipes (no reducers included). PVC housing designed to penetrate the finished wall surface to avoid leaks, and provide easy access to water shut-off valves and tile-free servicing. Setup PVC boxes are compact and can be mounted to the exact wall size.

  • The configuration is quite Flexible
  • Easy installation process
  • Prevents in-wall leaks
  • check
    Quite noiseless
  • Material is not reliable like others

1. Is there any lifetime warranty for it?
Ans: Yes.

2. Can another brand handheld be used in it?
Ans: Of course, you can use any of another brand handheld.

3. Is it made in the USA?
Ans: No, it’s made in China.

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Kohler K-GP77759 Pressure Balance Shower Valve

kohler mixer cap

The Gp7759 Genuine part of Kohler would instantly come to my notice with the bathrooms and accessories. This is not a standard shower valve but a mixer cap that is outstanding for 1/2 valve pressure equilibrium.

Like most Right-Temp models, the Kohler GP77759 complies for the most valves for the bath tub. Any lever that carries the handle of the mixer rotates smoothly. You are going to enjoy a lovely and trendy shower trip.

If you are curious, it is difficult for most manufacturers, but they also require the maximum temperature, to regulate the thermal cap. This problem has been solved by Kohler's invention.

This GP77759 uses stop systems for temperature limits. You will change the water temperature of your shower only to your taste by using the product.

The same equipment helps you to adjust the temperature to the highest possible level. The level of versatility is deliberate and strives to give you a cool, calming experience in the tub. Simple and quick deployment. Only follow Kohler's quick and straightforward directions and you'll be all right.

  • Prevent extreme heat through the temperature control system 
  • Provided smooth rotating handle
  • Made with Kohler genuine parts
  • check
    Easy to install
  • Not that durable because of plastic material
  • Water reduction can be seen after usage

1. Does it come with new 0-rings?
Ans: Yes.

2. Does it leak often?
Ans: Since it made of plastic it may leak after high usage.

3. Is it compatible with another branded faucet?
Ans: Yes.

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Moen 2510 monticello posi temp Shower Valve

moen shower valve

The Monticello PosiTemp Shower Valve Moen 2510 is the device required to have a broad water flow to increase your shower capacity. Moen has fitted this unit with a easy to install basic M-PACT valve mechanism, allowing you to change the design without modifying the initial stroke.

The machine is also fitted with Moen's innovative PosiTemp technologies that allow for the protection of the wide-flow water temperature.

The 4-port processing valve lets you pre-deploy ideal temperature. Due to introduction. Due to delivery. The cartouche 1222 is for back-to-back deployment.

A durable cube structure ensures that the valve fits you without a backup for a lifetime. The standard of the reducing valve fulfills and surpasses the ASSE demands.

Moen provides a small warranty for the lifespan of the pump. Much better. You don't think it incredible?

The PosiTemp shower valve Moen 2510 accepts only one and a half-inch IPS attachment forms. This can be rather limiting, but it also means good results.

  • Very much durable and strong
  • Included back to back installation
  • Easy water temperature and pressure control
  • check
    Lifetime warranty
  • Leaks may occur after heavy usage

1. Can it control water volume too?
Ans: No.

2. Will this fit on other trim too?
Ans: Mostly but depends on construction.

3. How to replace it with the double-sided cartridge?
Ans: it’s a long process. Must check out their manufacture guide.

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KES Pressure Balance Shower Valve and Trim Kit Combo

kes shower valve

The KES Shower Faucet Solid Brass Rough-in Valve is specially designed for professionals like you and is designed to turn the showering cycle for the right purposes.

You typically stay in your shower longer and the clever, user-friendly design stressed in this shower valve is all the fault.

Of course, it's the responsibility for more fun when you do your shower. The edge of a high performance, relative to the regular shower valve, means that you can take advantage of a powerful valve material known for its reliability in a bathroom.

The polished chrome finish is supported with a dish insert and can also reduce extra bathroom costs by anti-corrosive steps with its purified wash. The face valve of 4.3 "x 4.3" is a perfect fit for a particular bathroom type plumbing.

  • Providing quality and durable faceplate
  • Easy to operate
  • Top-quality brass construction
  • Package doesn’t have any manual to install

1. What is the size of the head?
Ans: 8 inches.

2. Is it made in the USA?
Ans: No, it’s made in China.

3. How many GPM in it?
Ans: Have no idea about that.

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Danze D113000BT Single Control Pressure Balance Mixing Valve

danze shower valve

The Danze D113000BT is built of a special material than most of the shower valves we already discussed in this shower valve analysis. This is made of hard ceramic of high strength.

The architecture involves an overhanging upper disk and a lower disk. It provides temperature and pressure regulation function.

The ceramic disk valve gives you a fast and simple handling life. The capacity for drips and leaks is also eliminated. The Danze D113000BT shower also has a wonderful feature: it does not require maintenance. Under some conditions, reinforced ceramic stays unscathed. It avoids cleaning, soaping and rinsing for years.

The Danze pressurizer is ideal for use in single baths, bathrooms, and tub configurations. It is also compatible for compact toilets for a pool. You can even reinstall your computer. I suggest you use the plumber services when installing the valve, yourself.

This half-inch valve automatically changes the input water to help you to maintain stable and comfortable temperatures. This shower valve gives three combinations.

That includes valves with a stop for the screwdriver, valves without a stop for the screwdriver and valves with a stop for the diversions and vice versa. Do what's best with you.

  • Adjustable temperature limit
  • Provide smooth control on hands
  • Included back to back installation
  • check
    Included mounting brackets and plaster guards
  • Installation can be complicated
  • check
    Leakage may occur

1. Can the cartridge be bought partially?
Ans: Yes.

2. Can the volume also be controlled through this valve?
Ans: This valve uses constant temperature, volume, and pressure.

3. Will it be able to control water flow?
Ans: No.

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Kohler K-11748-KS-NA Rite-Temp Valve with Diverte

kohler shower valve

Behind the point, the K-11748-KS-NA Pressure-Balancing Shower Valve works to prevent blasts from scalding. It provides a safe and convenient water supply for your shower.

The high-temperature maximum stop and the optimum relaxation zone are among the other features the most desirable.

Such ingenious features allow you to change the temperature and then locate and retain your desired temperature of the shower water.

The valve is also fitted with a diaphragm that quickly prevents freeze-ups that will contaminate the water in your tub. The diaphragm extracts some debris from the tub.

The valve can be mounted very quickly. It is supplied with uniform NPT and clear sweat. No additional assembly components are needed.

As for most of the major shower valves, the pressurizing valve K-11748-KS-NA Rite-Temp provides the ability to retrofit.

This is also ideal for large-scale work. Only a plumber novice can comfortably mount. This valve is designed to operate with Refinia Valve Trim in a Rite-Temp pressurizer. This mix means good efficiency at an inexpensive price.

It functions well and it is very easy to adjust the temperature. The pump has 5 gallons per minute of flow rate and usage.

  • Brass Constructed valve body
  • Including an integral diverter mechanism
  • Provided Pressure balancing mechanism
  • check
    Very easy to maintain water temperature
  • Reopening is complicated once it is installed

1. Will this make noise while turning on the water?
Ans: It may.

2. Pex connection available in it?
Ans: You have to install it separately.

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EZ-FLO 10789 Self-Closing Shower Valve

ez flo shower valve

If you want a shower to be mounted outside then EZ-Flo makes use of an outside shower auto-closing pull-chain shower mechanism. It discharges the water out of the shower head as you pull on the cord.

The valve automatically shuts down and the water flow ceases as you let go of the cord.

This valve suits per 1⁄2-inch normal tube contact. For long longevity and good output, EZ-Flo produces this commodity from solid brass. The chrome finish gives a polished feel to this valve to fit into any fixtures.

This is a perfect way to preserve water in an outdoor shower system.

  • Best for outdoor showers
  • Solid brass construction
  • Included pull-chain design
  • check
    The valve closes itself
  • check
    Chromic finish
  • Chain size is short. May need to be extended on your own

1. Can it be used on normal indoor showers?
Ans: Yes. But you can choose hot or cold water, anyone, at a time.

2. Is there any delay when the chain is pulled?
Ans: No. it shut off instantly.

3. Is this Made in China?
Ans: Not really.

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Delta R11000 3/6 shower valve

delta r10000 cartridge

The Delta R11000 rough is one of the best pieces you can purchase for your shower with valve also a cartridge made of cast metal for strength and longevity.

If you want to mount an overall shower head at the ceiling and a handheld tub on your bathroom wall, it's a great distraction. It works greatly to direct the water flow to either or both of the spray heads at once.

When you use two heads, the shower diverter works to splits pressure between them. This may be a problem if you would like to use the two functions together.

However, diverting the water in one direction allows you to enjoy great showering experience. This ensures if you have a single-way shower switch, you will not have to mount this rugged converter.

This machine can be used for rough 3 or 6 features. It is outstanding since it increases the Delta R11000's flexibility. The check cap included with your kit can be checked with 300PSI water or 200PSI air.

Thanks to its outstanding performance, you will love this product.

  • Heavy durable brass construction
  • The testing cap allows the integrity check
  • Easy to install
  • check
    Allows behind wall plumbing
  • Reduce flow pressure
  • Extra Installation tools may require

1. How to make the water hotter with it?
Ans: The bottom part needs to be plumbed to get hotter water.

2. Can it be ordered with Pex?
Ans: Yes. It needs to be plumbed separately.

3. Do plumbing accessories be given inside the package?
Ans: Yes.

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Moen T2151-Temp Pressure Balancing Traditional Tub and Shower Valve

moen posi-temp valve

Moen T2151 Brantford PosiTemp Valve is designed to help you enjoy your shower exactly as you want. It has a 3-3/8-inch diameter showerhead and a single lever tub. The 7.9 x 7.8 x 4.5-inch shower valve weighs only 2 pounds and fits well with a pressure-balancing control valve from PosiTemp.

To help you regulate the temperature of the water easily so as not to scald your face. The shower valve is M-PACT standard valve device compatible with even simpler installation, saving time for going ahead and treating yourself with a relaxing shower.

Thanks to its Brantford Life Shine brushed chrome finish, this conventional polished style can survive corrosion and flake for long term service.

  • Controlling Water is comparatively easy from others
  • Excellent chrome finish
  • Installation is easy
  • Enabled by the lifetime assurance of Moen's
  • Extra trim kit requires to complete the installation

1. Does the package include the adapter?
Ans: Yes.

2. Will universal valve work with this?
Ans: Yes. But you need to buy an adaption kit separately.

3. Can I replace the handle?
Ans: Yes. Of course.

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Brass Shower Diverter Valve for Showerhead

best shower arm diverter

You will redirect water between the spray head of a fixed shower and a handheld handle. It is a 3-way valve with a G 1⁄2 female inlet and 2 G 1⁄2 male outlets to collect the vapor.

This shower valve has been manufactured out of brass by MIGNOR and is crafted with one single element so that the valve does not break off sections.

The polished chrome finish makes it easier to combine this valve with your current chrome fittings. This has a slight heel on the outside to transfer water from the hand-held bath head to the edge of the open tub.

  • Diverter works with two outputs
  • Solid brass construction
  • Chromic finish
  • check
    Easy to install
  • Shut off feature is unavailable
  • Can’t control water temperature

1. Can it be put on two hands held?
Ans: No.

2. Can the flow and temperature be controlled?
Ans: Apparently, no

3. Where is its origin?
Ans: Combined manufactured.

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KES Brass Shower Faucet Body Valve

kes shower faucet

Explicitly designed for specialists like you, the KES Shower Faucet Solid Brass Rough-in Valve is geared to change the manner in which you scrub down for the correct thought processes.

You are likely to stay longer in your shower and all the blame goes to the intelligent user-friendly craft emphasized in this shower valve.

Of course, it is the blame for more fun when doing your shower. With an edge of top performance as opposed to standard shower valves, you are bound to enjoy a valve material of heavy-duty brass known for longevity that is a necessity in the bathroom.

The polished chrome finish with a ceramic disk cartridge is capable of minimizing extra expenses in your bathroom by using a distilled touch to resist corrosion in the process.

The 4.3-inch by 4.3-inch facade valve is ideal for any bathroom style you want to use in your plumbing.

  • Top-quality brass used on construction
  • Easy to operate the flow of water
  • Well, pressure-balanced
  • check
    Very durable and sturdy
  • Installation is a bit complicated

1. Does this include anti-scald?
Ans: Yes.

2. Does this control volume?
Ans: No.

3. Does plumber required for installation?
Ans: Yes, it is complicated in terms of installation.

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There are a few more facts which every buyer should know before buying, so in this section, we will try to provide you much buying guide to choose the best for you.

best shower valve buying guide

Before Buying Guide for Best Shower Valve

First of all, one needs to know about the types available for shower valves. So, let's jump to that- types...

Pressure Balanced valve

The most commonly used form of best rough-in shower valve in our homes. Single control and a handle are connected to this pressure balance mechanism.

Only after the tap on the water is turned, the same power comes out. You also have to push the lever to the left to get the water colder.

And if you click the switch to the right, you will get a cooler temperature. Occasionally, this valve also has a lock for a swimsuit.

Users can change the spray speed according to their specifications by clicking the built-in volume control button. The water temperature is still controlled by the pressure-balancing optimal valve for the hot water source.

Thermostatic valve

It's the second most common kind of shower. It has a built-in thermostat feature that regulates the water temperature and allows its users to regulate the water temperature better than their previous valve model.

Even before turning on the tap, the user can monitor the water temperature. The valve incorporates a temperature dial that allows its consumers, even when turning on the water, to control temperatures.

This requires a special pressure control mechanism for all water outlets and the control system also prevents the issues created by the fluctuation of the temperature.

Diverter Valve

It is used as a combination of a toilet and a shower. The user can regulate the water flow by regulating it. Water flows only if the diversion valve is working properly from either the bath sputum or shower head.

Comparison between thermostatic and manual valves

Thermostatic shower valves come fitted with a device to shut off water flow above a certain temperature. They are great pieces that keep your body scolded because of the warm water temperature during the shower.

Those are incredible pieces. And you don't have to think about the water temperature control with these valves because the water flow relation is compatible for use on your toilet.

If they do not, they operate almost as well, maybe opting for homemade shower valves, if your home plumbing is all fine. You should change the temperature and the flow rate.

If the cold-water flow in a nearby attached tap is reduced, you will have to change the shower again so that it is not hot. The issue with manual styles

Controlling parts

Plumbers usually categorize the shower valves according to the number of tests they provide. The number is between 1 and 3. By fact, the larger the amount the stronger the valve is.

This means that a 3-regulator valve provides better water pressure and temperature control and maintenance.

A greater level of fine shower controls is the secret to improved performance. There is also a greater cost for these devices. A single valve regulates the volume of hot water, the amount of cold water and the pressure of the vapor.

A two-drive control pump, on the other side, would have one cold and hot water control and another water pressure control.

Number of outlets

The valve can also be fitted with 1 to 3 outputs. Who's making the best valves for a shower?

Also, a shower head is used in 1 outlet switch. Most devices can assist you in various ways, whether a hand shower or body jets can be added to it. The customer will pick the number of outlets for a shower pump, according to personal preference.


The most robust shower valves consist of solid metal or rubber and are fitted with ceramic cylinders to avoid the deposition of hard water.

If your shower fixtures also contain lime and mineral deposits, a ceramic cartridge is a solution for rough water. You will also protect yourself better from mineral aggregation.


Solid, roll-proof, corrosion-proof and leak-proof content provide high-quality shower valves. A valve may typically be made of two of three material combinations: rubber, the metal of ceramic.

Plastic may be the most used material because it is inexpensive and rust and corrosion-resistant. A silicone shower of decent quality is made of reinforced, heavier and cleaner ABS plastic.

Pricing according to brands

Without marrying it to the price of your products it is hard to speak about the brand. In general, due to the high quality of the products they produce an established brand has achieved its status.

If you buy one made by the famous labels, the risk of ending up with a high-quality douche valve is strong. These valves may be a little more costly.

Pfister, Grohe, and Moen, for example, are among the most revered brands. Our goods are still backed by a strong assurance policy and they provide excellent customer support.

However, that does not rule out the possibility that less established firms will develop a successful company. You first need to do your work.

Final Word

You should now have all the knowledge to select your bathroom's best shower valve. Be sure that the valve is the size of your pipes before deciding on an alternative. You want to make confident that the new shower fittings conform to the color and finish.

You will refresh your shower with little effort with a new shower lock!

Such shower valves are not only the best value for the plumbing needs but they are also trustworthy purchases that have satisfied my hunger for the long-standing, long-lasting and everlasting bathroom fun I had lost.

Review the cost and style specs for your bathroom that are compatible with you. Be prepared for a regular shower period, which will return your home with some of these shower valves and enjoy it.

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